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IC Campaign

Partnership for Excellence




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executive appeal

William H. Turner, Chairman, IC Board of Trustees


International College stands on the brink of a great opportunity to build on its illustrious history and reputation. Those of us who care about the College will have to display unprecedented generosity. We hope you will join us in the Partnership for Excellence Campaign by offering your substantial support to this institution whose robust health is of such significance to the future of Lebanon and the greater Middle East.


Don Bergman, Ed.D - President

International College’s “Partnership for Excellence” is a fitting description for a program that encompasses the past, present and future of IC.  The school’s growth, success, and distinguished history over more than 100 years is the result of a commitment to excellence from thousands of students, parents, educators, benefactors, and others. Their collective contributions have resulted in the IC that, today, has been described as a “National Treasure”. Please join us in our “Partnership for Excellence”, and make your contribution to the future of IC and Lebanon.